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High Resolution Thermography at CREANERGY

CREANERGY  is a multidisciplinary engineering office specialised in thermal engineering and energy efficiency. 

At CREANERGY we combine state-of-the-art high resolution thermography with more than 20 years of experience in thermal engineering of industrial installations. This unique approach allows us not only to provide to our clients a detailed thermographic analysis of their installation but also to come up with practicable solutions.


For the high resolution thermography hardware, we have selected FLIR as a partner, and we work with the T-series cameras which have the highest resolution available on the market today. Our high resolution thermography cameras are able to detect accurately temperatures up to 2000°C. Our highly performant cameras allow detailed and efficient analysis at our clients' sites.

Our thermography engineers are experienced thermal engineers, that are continuously trained and updated on the latest insights in high resolution thermography.


Clients requesting high resolution thermography are typically in energy-intensive industries, utilities and real estate.

High resolution thermography is usually requested for thermal installations, electrical installations, predictive maintenance and building thermal insulation analysis.





Real Estate

Thermal applications (incinerators, boilers, cogen, rotary kilns, furnaces, refractory, insulation)


Electrical applications (LV/MV/HV switchboards/cells, transformers, photovoltaic, ...)


Predictive maintenance (bearings, connectors, refractory damage, insulation damage, ...)

Building insulation analysis (prior to renovation or to evaluate proper execution of works)

High resolution thermography is nowadays an essential tool for energy managers, operational managers and maintenance managers to evaluate and increase energy efficiency and performance, to increase operational safety, to gain additional process knowledge and to optimally plan and budget annual maintenance stops.

At CREANERGY we are able to assist our clients with either only the high resolution thermography intervention and report, but we can also provide further engineering assistance and follow up of the corrective measures. 

Thermography for buildings
Thermography buildings CREANERGY.jpg
Thermography for thermal installations
Thermography thermal installations CREAN
Thermography for solar panels
Thermography solar panels CREANERGY.JPG
Thermography for electrical installations
Thermography electrical installations CR
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