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High resolution thermography for thermal installations


For energy-intensive industries:

We offer:

  • general energy scan across the entire plant to scan for apparent energy losses

  • verification of effectiveness of thermal insulation installed by insulation contractors (piping, ducts, boilers, hot storage tanks, freezers, cryogenic applications, ...)

  • verification of effectiveness of refractory lining installed by refractory contractors (incinerators, fluidized bed systems, rotary kilns, cement kilns, drying kilns, adiabatic refractory-lined incineration chambers, furnaces, ash hoppers, hot gas stacks, expansion joints in refractory-lined ducts, ...)

  • verification of surface temperatures to increase the lifetime of electrical devices (typically on hot piping, steam boilers, furnaces, burners, ...)

  • verification of surface temperatures to comply with existing labour legislation and to protect the workers

  • thermal analysis of specific plant parts to scan for false air inlets or other energy losses


We offer not only the thermography intervention and report but also the related thermal engineering and follow up until the optimal energy efficiency is reached.

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