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For the high resolution thermography hardware, we have selected FLIR as a partner, and we work with the T-series cameras which have the highest resolution available on the market today. Our highly performant cameras allow detailed and efficient analysis at our clients' sites.

Our thermography engineers are experienced engineers, that are continuously trained and updated on the latest insights in high resolution thermography and design of solar panel installations.

At CREANERGY we are able to assist our clients with either only the high resolution thermography intervention and report, but we can also provide further engineering assistance and follow up of the corrective measures.

High resolution thermography for solar panels

For photovoltaic installations:

We offer:

  • industry-approved high resolution thermography report as verification that the installed PV panels have not been damaged during the transport and installation works. Due to the high resolution, our thermographic images are not disputable and can be used to request replacement from either the PV module manufacturer or the PV installation company

  • verification of the existing state of the installed PV modules: to detect damaged cells, damage due to moisture, damage due to impact, unacceptable or dangerous surface temperatures caused by damaged PV modules. The damaged PV modules can be replaced either in guarantee or to improve the performance

For photovoltaic installations, we do not offer only the thermography intervention and report but also the related follow up and optimisation of the photovoltaic installation.

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